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Ottawa River Energy Solutions (ORES) is an established energy and technology services provider based in the Ottawa Valley.  We offer a range of services utilizing our fibre optic networks, electrical distribution expertise, and business relationships to achieve proven results for our customers’ projects.  We serve a wide range of commercial and residential customers, as well as many municipal and provincial organizations.


Some of the key projects and services that ORES provides to our customers include:


  • Backhaul, Internet, and local loop services around Ontario for large scale networks such as the e-Health network, college campuses, and provincial government networks

  • Public EV Charging Stations

  • Private locate services, such as for the Pembroke Airport to assist with repairing runway lighting damages

  • Hot water tank rental management, installation, and repair for four Ontario municipalities

  • Street and sentinel lighting management, installation, and repair for four Ontario municipalities


To find out how ORES can help you, please read more about us in the "Our Services" page or contact our office for further information. 




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