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ORES offers the following services:


Fibre Internet and Dark Fibre Solutions


ORES has a proven track record of providing Ethernet and Internet services through fibre optic connectivity to many public sector organizations, since May 2001.  Our solutions offer price and performance choices that allow for a fully customized and site-specific solution based on your requirements.  

Hot Water Tank Rentals


We offer affordable hot water tank rentals and service to customers within the operating territories of Ottawa River Power Corporation.  ORES provides installations and repairs of 40 and 60 gallon hot water tanks in Almonte, Beachburg, Killaloe, and Pembroke.


For the terms and conditions of our rentals, click here.


Sentinel and Street Lighting Services


With over 10 years of experience, ORES efficiently services municipal, commercial, and residential customers in various regions of Ontario.  ORES offers installation, management, and maintenance services for both sentinel and street lighting applications.  

Underground Service Locates


ORES provides timely and accurate underground utility information (horizontal and vertical) for municipalities, consulting engineers, surveyors, project owners, and private property owners who wish to pinpoint the locations of facilities on the public right-of-way and/or private property during the design stage of project development.


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