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ORES Public EV Charging Network

ORES believes there are many benefits to improving charging infrastructure to local citizens living, working, and playing in the community. That's why we embarked on a project to install 23 public use stations in the communities of Almonte, Cobden, Killaloe and Pembroke. The addition of these stations will help increase convenience and reduce range anxiety for users traveling along the Highway 417, 17 and 60 corridors.


With an increase in stations in the rural communities, ORES intends to demonstrate that zero emission vehicles are a reliable and convenient mode of transportation, that a network of charging stations exist with the backing of the communities they reside in, and that there are local companies and groups leading by example to move the use of ZEVs forward.

The ORES public EV charging stations are operated through the Flo Network and will consist of Level 2 chargers.

To use a Flo charging station, download the mobile app from Google Play or the App Store


Check out these short videos on how to use a Flo EV charging station:

For 24/7 assistance with charging issues please call 1-888-356-8911

You can find the locations of activated EV chargers by using the Flo app or any of several other mobile apps for EV drivers.


What are electric vehicle charging stations?

An electric car uses an electric motor, powered by a battery, instead of a traditional gasoline engine. The batteries in these vehicles need to be recharged when depleted. Electric vehicle charging stations are essentially specialized outlets that these vehicles can plug into to recharge their batteries while away from home.

What type of charging stations are they?

Level 2 chargers operate on 220 volts (like a dryer or stove) and can charge a vehicle in 3 to 6 hours, depending on vehicle type. Most EV owners will have a Level 2 charger at home for overnight charging.

Who can use them?

Anyone with a battery electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle can use an EV charger as long as you have created an account with the Flo network.  EV chargers cannot be used for any purpose other than to charge electric vehicles.

Do I need to pay to charge my car?

Yes. ORES Level 2 electric car charging stations are available for a fee. The current rate is $2.50 - $2.75 per hour. EV drivers may use the public EV charging stations with a Flo Account, available through

Can a regular car park in an electric vehicle charging station spot?

Be considerate. Please don't park your regular vehicle in an EV charging spot.   When charging spots are blocked, the people who need them can't use them. Parking by-laws apply, and fines may be issued to vehicle owners not using the parking spot as intended.

How do I use a charging station?

ORES public EV charging stations are operated through Flo, Canada's largest EV charging network. To use a Flo charging station download the mobile app from Google Play or the App Store.

Check out these short videos on how to use a Flo EV charging station:

Where are ORES charging stations located?

ORES Public EV Charging Stations are currently active at the following locations:

  • Alexander St. - Pembroke - Amphitheater Parking Lot

  • 1 Pembroke St E. - Pembroke - City Hall Rear Parking Lot

  • 393 Pembroke St W. - Pembroke Memorial Centre Rear Parking Lot

  • 40 Bennett St. - Pembroke - Pembroke & Area Community Centre

  • 250 Almonte St. - Almonte - Metcalfe Geoheritage Park

  • 155 High St. - Almonte - Mississippi Mills Library

  • 182 Bridge St. - Almonte - Almonte & District Community Centre

  • 44 Main St. - Cobden - Whitewater Regional Municipal Office

  • 177 Queen St. - Killaloe - Killaloe Visitors Information Booth

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